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Marriage Commissioner Calgary
Marriage Commissioner Calgary
Marriage Commissioner Calgary
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I went to a wedding in the fall of 2006. I remember it vividly, because it was when I married my wife Jan. I don’t remember everything though. For example, I know that wonderful words were spoken, but I can’t recall what they were.

What I do remember is my experience of the ceremony, and the extreme emotion that I felt.

We were completely taken care of by the man who married us. He created a sacred space for us.  We were left completely free to be in our hearts and with each other as we held hands and gazed passionately into each other’s eyes.

I will pass on the gift given to us at our wedding.

I will create an atmosphere of love and joy. My presence will enhance the emotion and significance of your wedding ceremony. I will allow you the freedom to be fully engaged as you join your lives as husband and wife.

Your wedding will be “A Wedding from the Heart

Marriage Commissioner Calgary

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